About Us

Lemons was established in 2018 out of Love and big passion to the Automotive market.
with our vast experience and knowledge of the Global car market we realized we are on the verge of a major shift in the industry with Internal Combustion driven vehicles fading away to be replaced by EV and other advance motorization technologies.
the shift is not confined only to the vehicles parameters but also to the way we buy and maintain our vehicles with online services covering most areas of the market.
from this point we approach the market, to innovate, change and develop the way we will all consume vehicles in years to come.

Lemons offers a full solution platform for medium and large-scale dealers seeking to expand their portfolio.

With expertise in European brands the company is a leader in introducing new models and variants to the market allowing our partners an edge over their competitors.

With excellent connections to Global Dealers and Manufacturers we offer solutions in most vehicle categories: EV, Sport cars, Luxury, LCV and SUV’s.
Our commitment to the highest service standards is with emphasis on transparency, professionalism and working strictly by the limits and regulations dictated by the different importing regulations and licenses required by law.

Our basic principles:

“People first than cars” 
We work primarily with people and thus are committed to always maintaining a personal and honest relationship with them.

Quick adaptations 
the fast changes in the automotive industry require us to adapt to the situation very quickly. During COVID, we witnessed how being flexible can help us move from one situation to the other and create value even from dire situations.

We are committed to continuous improvement
And for us Transparency and fairness are the name of the game

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