Distribution of vehicles worldwide

Over the years, Lemons has developed diverse and unique skills that allow us to create an acquisition experience tailored to customer needs in different countries around the world.

We aim to be the fastest link for our customers between the old car world and the new car world with a team of experts in 12 countries who work exclusively for us in order to provide our customers with the fastest service with an emphasis on professionalism and transparency.

We have a great passion for cars which is also expressed in extensive knowledge in the industry; therefore, we aim to be the first promoters for every new vehicle launch and provide our customers with the most requested vehicles in the fastest delivery times even during busy periods.

Strategic cooperation with major dealers:

As part of our strategic collaborations, we work closely with Large scale dealers across Europe in a variety of car brands: Audi, Skoda, Cupra, Jeep, BMW and Nissan.

These collaborations grant us with many advantages such as: fast delivery of vehicles, distribution of special models with a limited amount of production and, of course, a strong financial backing that produces stability over the years and transparency with our customers.

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