Investments in start-ups

One of the booming sectors in the hi-tech industry is automotive solutions.
there are many start-ups in this area offering solutions to most aspects of the market.
the Automotive world is undergoing many technology related changes in recent years and this trajectory is just getting stronger.
from the addition of high tech safety systems, communications & entertainment to solutions focusing on car buying, maintaining of trading of a vehicle.

We at Lemons have linked to several start-ups In the industry in order to be a part of the transformation of the market.
as a company always aspiring to be at the front of the market, providing our customers with the best and most current offerings.
it is a part of our business philosophy to invest in these innovative solutions and technologies.

As a company that wants to be present and influential in the coming years, we are committed to investing large resources in order to be at the forefront of global technology and to be a professional and reliable source of information for our customers in the field, and thus also in the future to provide our clients with additional and diverse capabilities.

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